Coffee, Jazz and Commentary Blog has been relaunched

I had used Google not only for daily searching, personal e-mail, video streaming, and writing for PCLinuxOS Magazine.  Up to now, I had no need for Blogger as I already have a website now hosted with GoDaddy, which is also my domain name provider.

For the past twenty two years, I have hand coded the HTML 5 and CSS 3 pages.   I went to HTML5 UP to look for a better design for my website, and found the design that best suited Horneker Online.  The fit was perfect as the HTML5 UP template packages are licensed the same as my website, i.e. Creative Commons Share Alike Attribution License for US v 3.0, so there are no licensing conflicts.  (BTW, sites created with Blogger are also licensed the same way.)

What prompted me to make the overhaul was the fact that this website did not display well on smartphones (although it displayed perfectly on tablets), and the I realized the growth of the usage of smartphones as a primary source for website access.

Feedback from the PCLinuxOS user forum is evidence enough that I made the right choice to switch to website templates rather than trying to hand code HTML, JavaScript and CSS to accommodate all devices.

I will still code in HTML, and I have customized the CSS in the template to fit the website.  The difference is that I will focus more on the content.

This blog is part of that effort.  Hence, I have now relaunched this blog.

Where it goes from here, it is anybody's guess.  But compared to where it was last week, or the past 22 years for that matter, it has come a long way in such a short time.

In short, I have brought the website and my other digital assets to current Web standards.

The photograph on this blog (and the background of my website) is a beach scene taken at Beverly Shores, IN looking towards Chicago from Lake Front Drive at a walkway across the street from the Dundas parking lot entrance to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.